Suitcäse Returns


Blender allows you to create animations based on the movement of armatures (somewhat like bones). What that means is that you make the 3d character once, then move its ‘bones’ and blender  makes the ‘skin’ move along – 5 seconds per frame instead of 5-10 minutes. Trouble is, how does one turn that up there into a line drawing? Immensely complicated node trees seems to be the usual answer but somehow I have managed to stumble onto a rather simple method (most of those nodes are for adding the colour)

Sky Whale

I’ve been VERY busy with school the last week or so but I’ve managed to find time to experiment with 3D drawing in Blender, an open source 3D art, animation, and game creation program. Thus far I’ve only ran a few fluid simulations (and managed to crash my computer) and played around with infinite mirrors (almost crashed my computer; numerous power faliures, 8 years of dodgy junk and hidden files, 100GB of flight simulator, and over 100GB of photos have slowed it down considerably).

Anyway, I’ve decided to start big with my first blender artwork and build the 3D version of this drawing. The inspiration came from a love of airships (note the fishing boat) and the kennings ‘whale road’ and ‘sky candle’.