Synthetic paint; Autodesk sketchbook

Maybe I’ll pull all the cables out later today and upload a few photos*

*Most taken in the shade.


Dragon(not feathered)

I’m lazy and I have a headache, so you’ll have to wait a few hours before I scan the ones I drew last night, but here’s a digital one (which isn’t nearly as good) so long.

BTW this was done with a finger as my tablet is not stylus compatible. One day I’ll get a wacom intuos with painter essentials 5. One day.




Learning ghuitar through video tutorial for blackbird.     https://m.youtube.com/watch?list=WL&params=OAFIAVgC&v=qD8f9w_NYJk&mode=NORMAL

My tablet had a flat battery so I had to use my mom’s tablet, but…the latter has a very small speaker resulting in the use of external speakers and, inevitably, clutter and tangled cables.

At this moment I’m on 8% battery after a hard day’s laziness.

#@%! Summer


I’m currently sitting in front of a clutter encrusted desk, keyboard on my lap, screen occasionally coming unplugged, and evaporative cooler on at full blast. I am also wishing all manner of horrid things onto the heat while wondering whether the borehole has filled up enough for the sprinkler to be switched on again. I’ve started school again (CIE AS and A levels), but fortunately (…?) the heat is such that I cannot work between 12 and 7 pm and so I have a lot of time off in the afternoon.

This was done with a Pentel Energel pen (took about a 20th of the (relatively expensive)ink)