Now with a new Sr 90 additive

I don’t play computer games, in fact angry birds friends is the only tablet game that I play. I do however have a cousin with a 10GB ram gaming computer who plays fallout. Now this is a rather unique game because it is not just about fighting for survival in a post nuclear appocolapse world, but also about appreciating the numerous Monty Python references, the Nuka Cola posters resembling old Coca Cola ads, the USS Constitution -with NX 42 rocket- boosters sitting on top of the remains of Wheatherby Savings and Loans, and a steampunk airship named after King Arthur’s ship (which appears in only two known texts). After two hundred years all remaining bottles of Nuka Cola are flat and mildly radioactive, but only Nuka Cola Quantum has that signature blue glow.


RGB holography

I will not describe how to make a hologram because I am extremely lazy and I want to somehow get round to blogging. If you don’t know, read up. That’s what I am currently doing.

I have not yet managed to get my hands on any proper holography books so I am either completely wrong in what I am about to say or someone has done it before.

Set up three lazers, one red, one green, one blue along with mirrors so that they all reach the object from the same direction. Create three seperate transmission holograms, one for each lazer. Stitch the developed film together and play it back in a loop like a film movie. Open and close the correct lazer shutters in sinc with the ‘movie’ and persistence of vision should combine the r,g and b holograms into a full colour hologram.