Riebeek Kasteel is an abnormally hot town in the summer and some days can be extremely hot.Today is one of those extremely hot days.I’m lying on my bed with the air-conditioner on and Lulu (our dog)has been sleeping all day.Even the chickens are hiding from the heat.They’ve either managed to sneak into the house – and are keeping remarkably quiet- or they’re sitting in the shade of a bush,too hot to bother making a noise.


My dog

Lulu is a very irritating hound,

she’s always bossing us around.

Woof! She wants to go out;

time for mom to run about.

Early in the morning she gives a loud bark.

Can’t she see it’s still dark!

Yes.She’s annoying alright,

keeping you up the whole long night.

Although I don’t want to, I have to say.

I couldn’t stand being without that irritating dog for one single day.



Pikkewyn kom uit die suide,

met sy harde blaf geluide.

Hy kou gulsig aan `n grote vis,

Vir hom `n heerlike smaaklike dis.

Die pikkewyn maak `n visserman se gemoed vreeslik swaar

hy spring hier eet daar en swem alles deurmekaar.

Woedend jaag hulle hom uit die pad:

Vir hulself wil hulle al die visse vat.

maar wanneer hy vir pikkewyn in die water gewaar

weet die wyse ou visserman;

Dié voël is te rats,

vanaand is hier niks te vang.