There. I posted some more.


A glass study

Well, Instagram seemed to like it, or at least my followers did. Liking everything your friends post is considered good manners among them strange creatures called teenagers.

Hello Again

Much has changed. In fact, I had a good mind to start a new blog, but it would have been quite a bother to amass such a stupendously large (99) amount of followers again. So I’m back. Or at least a slighty older me is back – older mind you, grownupness subject to debate. I started university this year, started watching anime as well, and stopped watching anime. Apparently A-Levels only carry one through first semester. Given the severe lack of time I have little idea why I am blogging right now. Truth be told, I have never written a proper blog post – mostly due to my lack of confidence in writing skills being second only to my lack of confidence in my chemistry marks. I guess making a fool of myself stopped mattering about one month into uni; if one embarassing mistake is followed by a worse one, one starts forgetting it all. As I was saying, I have never had any intention of writing a proper blog post, but maybe I shall. I have some opinions on a certain anime series, garaunteed to be of no interest to you and to gain me a few million enemies. I most certainly won’t write about that. Maybe I’ll write about how horribly difficult Mathematics 124 is. No, that would be rather amusing for me, but the rest of the world couldn’t care less or thinks Chemistry 127 is worse. Maybe I shall not write about anything, because I don’t really have anything to write about, or maybe I shall promise to not say another word and to keep posting drawings and photos and low-poly 3D art. Yes. I’ve said hello, I’ve explained my absence and now I can shut up. Cheerio, and thanks for never having bothered to press the unfollow button!