Magazine Article

World Wonders…. Makes me wonder.


By Hjalmar Rall


In a recent interview with the editor of World Wonders, a book containing absurd world records, the editor gave many reasons (most of them invalid) for publishing the book. He denied all negative statements that the interviewer made about World Wonders. He spoke very highly of the book, calling it the best selling annual of all time and stating that it was educational and that it caused people to strive to reach new heights of human endeavour.


As a book reviewer for various well-known magazines, I cannot agree with the editor. I honestly do not think that not cutting your fingernails for years counts as human endeavour, and neither is stuffing too many hamburgers into your mouth. I also do not agree with him that World Wonders is an educational book. Of course, there are one or two interesting natural records, but the problem is that these are only a few. The rest of the book contains ludicrous nonsense. The most entertaining part of the book for me, is laughing at how puerile it is.


I personally believe that books such as World Wonders that consist of absolutely ridiculous records should not be published. Why not publish a book that contains mostly natural records of which many are educational? If World Wonders is to be changed to this format, it does not mean that it should contain no trivial human records. There should just not be ridiculous records. Doing this will probably reduce the popularity of the book, but will it not be a better concept?


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